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Completion of the works by the end of May

The Sea Park is a large redevelopment project of the 16 km of the Rimini seafront which aims to create a new landscape between the city and the sea: large parks, outdoor gyms that become a home for health and areas for children where they can play freely, among sardine forests and sea strawberry fields (inspired by Rodari).
And again: new furnishings with lighting and a dedicated cycle path.

As far as our area is concerned, the Spadazzi seafront will be the object of the works, which goes from the bathing establishment 131 to 145.

The interventions include the construction of wooden flooring at the end of the walk and green spaces, which amount to about 3 thousand square meters, between flower beds bordering the beach and the 'sardines'.

Also in this case, the colored stoneware flooring and functional sardines with wooden flooring will be created, as well as a separate cycle path and new lighting.

Therefore Rimini continues a path of change of which the Rimini citizens are proud and which will project Rimini ten years ahead of its international competitors thanks to its investments in the green, the environment and health.

As for our residence, well, the apartments that were arranged last winter with the new news for summer 2021 will be online soon!

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