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Rimini is a welcoming and generous city, it is full of warmth and suggestions: it becomes a destination for romantic walks, opens its doors to exhibitions and cultural events, and is always a dynamic and lively place, with a lot of shops and boutiques.
The many clubs present are ready to give fun and warm evenings, including parties, wraps, music and theme nights.

The Villages of Rimini: Come and discover Rimini from another point of view, its alleys of the historic center and the historical monuments left by the ancient Romans: from the Arch of Augustus and the Tiberius Bridge, through the secret rooms of the Surgeon's Domus.
Don't miss a visit to Castel Sismondo, a majestic and imposing medieval monument erected in 1437 by Sigismondo Malatesta, from which it takes its name, as his residence and city fortress. During the summer, it hosts rich events and shows.

The Theme Park and Aviation Museum, surrounded by greenery, is an interesting dive into the history of flight. Finally, it is worth a visit to the Motorcycle Museum, which combines history and passion for two wheels.

For further information, see the Itineraries and Map of the city of Rimini itinerary


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