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The 5 things to do in Rimini

What to do in Rimini beyond the sea

Rimini is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well-known seaside resorts in Europe; it is the most important holiday and entertainment place on the Adriatic coast, famous all over the world for its structures and tourist attractions which annually attract millions of visitors.

Rich in history and monuments of high artistic value, the city is an important agricultural, artisan, fishing, commercial and industrial center, with leading companies in the world in the mechanical and clothing sectors, an exhibition and congress center with state-of-the-art facilities. European.

Rimini is recognized as having a particular vocation for hospitality which relies on the impressive accommodation capacity of its structures, developed according to a culture of tourism and hospitality that aims to enhance the quality of the territory: from beaches to food and wine traditions, from monuments and cultural proposals to entertainment.

So what are the best things to do in Rimini?

1- Discover the city of art
Many places to visit and not to be missed: for example those of Roman Rimini, such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius bridge and the Surgeon's House; or those from the Renaissance Rimini, such as the Malatesta Temple and Castel Sismondo.
Of course, we also have those defined as the "new Rimini", such as for example. At these ancient monuments there are all the places of the "new" Rimini: the Francesca da Rimini Arena, the Piazza on the water, the Fulgor Cinema, the rediscovered Theater Gauls.

Arch of Augustus                           Castel Sismondo                          Piazza Cavour

Malatesta Temple                           Tiberius Bridge                           Galli Theater - interior

2- Enjoy the Terme Romagnole
Rimini Terme is a structure that caters to treatments and well-being using the benefits deriving from both sea and thermal water.
It is a complex of about 1200 square meters, all overlooking the sea and includes a spa and rehabilitation area (inhalation department, physiokinesitherapy, functional rehabilitation center, muds, pools for the musculoskeletal system, whirlpools and vascular paths for the apparatus circulatory), a wellness center (sauna, turkish bath, massages, etc.), a thermal swimming pool (with a shell-shaped biomarine pool), an area for recreational and sporting activities (held in the gym and in the pool) and a "Blue Beach" property, where various types of events are organized.
Inside, there is also the salt room, where the energy of the sea carries out its most intense, draining, purifying, toning and antibacterial action thanks to a marine microclimate.


3- Theme parks
The Riviera Romagnola is full of amusement parks of any type, theme parks, water parks and marine parks. Suitable for everyone, from the smallest to the oldest.
All reachable by public transport also thanks to the perfect organization of the territory: bus, metro, taxi and train.
Furthermore, the customer can buy tickets directly at the reception, with the possibility of saving in terms of money (convention between parks and accommodation facilities) and time (direct access without going through the cash desk).


Italia in Miniatura Aquafan Acquario di Cattolica Mirabilandia Atlantic Park
Fiabilandia Oltremare      
Rivergreen Golf Beach Village      
Skyparc adventure park        
Theme park and aviation museum        

4- Around Rimini
Just a few kilometers from the sea, inland, you can discover a completely different landscape.
The valleys of the Marecchia and the Conca.
Fortified villages alternate with real fortresses and castles.
A journey that reveals the story of two lords who reached their apex with Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino and Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, lord of Rimini.

Valmarecchia                            San Marino                                   Mondaino Castle

Village of Montegridolfo

5- Bike
For those who love cycling, behind Rimini, you can reach hidden paths, uncontaminated vineyards and olive trees.
At the Reception, you can easily choose your tour, your route and your bicycle.
A unique experience, to go into the middle of nature and discover the many unknown corners of our hills.
Suitable for everyone, from the smallest to the oldest.




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