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The new year of the summer

La Notte Rosa represents the heart of the Romagna summer, with editions full of events and great guests.

As per tradition, the whole Riviera is tinged with pink: from the beaches to the shops, from the museums open to the squares, from the shopping avenues to the restaurants, bars and hotels.
The attractions set up in the squares of the promenade, the dock, the boat parties, the lights that illuminate the monuments of the center and the historic façade of the Grand Hotel are also tinged with pink. This year, in addition, the villages and towns of the Romagna hinterland will also be involved, lighting up their monuments, fortresses and castles in pink.

Pink is also the dominant color in clothing, accessories and cute hats worn during the evening which have now become a tradition from which it is difficult to escape.

Unique events all in pink that will involve the entire coast from the far north of the province of Ravenna (Lido delle Nazioni) to Cattolica (a few years ago also the Marche and the inland villages). Many concerts and shows for all ages, along the entire Adriatic Riviera.

You cannot miss the traditional fireworks show (in pink style): at midnight on Friday everyone with their noses upwards to enjoy the whole Riviera exploding with Rosa, all completely at the same time.

Finally, this year, to ensure safety in all scheduled shows and events, they will be held in large open spaces. To avoid crowds, the Pink Night will no longer be concentrated on the coast, but will also involve the villages in the hinterland. The use of stewards is envisaged, in addition to the supervision of the police, to ensure social distancing and prevent any gatherings. The most important appointments will be limited in number, as well as most of the events will be on the beach or in any case in open spaces.

Even if the format has changed due to Covid-19, the Pink Night for us Romagnoli represents a real party: "the New Year of the Summer" is called, because it is and we think it will be forever.

Let's enjoy and above all enjoy these fantastic evenings: #finalmenteunsorriso

Some shots of the Residence for the Pink Night 2020


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