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Romagna cuisine

Romagna is the land of good food, as well as good wine. Each of his dishes comes from ancient traditions.

Many delicatessens where the pasta is handmade with a rolling pin and where the bakers, every morning, give us the scent of freshly made bread, thanks to the many different ways they have in creating it and in the end stuffed with fabulous salami and cheeses our hinterland.

In Romagna you can savor many things: the sea air, the piadina and homemade pasta, fish, good red wine, etc.

Moreover, thanks to the restaurants, bars, wine cellars, you have the opportunity to discover the most typical dishes and recipes of the locality, accompanied by the inimitable welcome that distinguishes us from all!

WINE: Wine in Romagna has always been a symbol of hospitality and conviviality.
The best known is Sangiovese, dating back to the 17th century in a monastery of the Capuchin friars in Santarcangelo di Romagna.
It goes well with all casanlighe pasta seasoned with meat sauce, with mixed and grilled roasts, with the classic "mutton" and "leg of" lamb ", with game and game, as well as with stews and braised meats.

Other types of wine of the Romagna tradition, we have:
- Albana di Romagna
- Trebbiano di Romagna
- Sauvignon
- Pagadebit of Romagna
- Little dog
- Lambrusco

PIADINA: The pìda, as they say in the Romagna dialect, represents our workhorse! Wherever you are and wherever you live, piadina is a name known all over the world!
There are three basic ingredients: water, flour and salt .. very simple!
You can't come to Romagna without tasting and / or learning how to make piadina!
But don't worry, in any bar, restaurant, etc. you will have the opportunity to enjoy it with any type of filling.

HOME MADE PASTA: Romagna is traditionally recognized for its homemade pasta.
Tagliatelle, pappardelle, cappelletti, gnocchi, ravioli, garganelli, strozzapreti, etc. .. are some excellent dishes of our gastronomy and still today they are cooked and eaten daily on the tables of Romagnoli restaurants!
If you pass in the Rimini area, treat yourself to a lunch or dinner in the most typical and well-known agritourisms.

CHEESE: Among the most popular types of cheeses we have:
1- soft, Squacquerone DOP, Raviggiolo (Slow Food presidium) and Casatella;
2- hard paste, Formaggio di Fossa DOP which can be made from cow's milk only, mixed sheep's milk or entirely from sheep's milk and Caciotta (semi-aged, sweet and soft and seasoned more spicy with a darker external color).
If cheeses are your passion, you can't miss these experiences.


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