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A new structure 40 meters from the Residence Marzia

Dear readers, as already mentioned in the previous article, in January 2021 we started a new project, with the aim of expanding our services.

The Primrose Hotel is the new 3-star hotel, right in front of the Residence Marzia.

With an investment plan in the planning stage, we will create a technological and cutting-edge structure.

The Primrose hotel will be operational from summer 2022, but at the moment we are unable to say what its tourist destination will be (Residence, bed and breakfast, Residence Hotel, etc. ..) it all depends on this blessed bureaucracy; in fact we are waiting for the new master plan (it should come out towards the end of February 2021), which will show us the new regulations, or rather, the new hotel proposals and consequently to start our definitive project.

At the moment we share this beautiful moment of joy; even if the economic situation, especially for the tourism sector, is in severe crisis, we have decided to invest and be ready to start with this new adventure.

See you soon

Alex and Alberto


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