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Visit San Marino during your stay

A day in San Marino? why not!
San Marino is the oldest republic in Europe and the third smallest state.

Monte Titano and the historic center of San Marino are excellent for those who want to take a walk in the middle of nature and discover a bit of ancient history!
In addition, you will also find many museums, restaurants, shops and perfumeries. The city of San Marino is perfect for half-day excursions or for a day trip. Ready to go?

The excursion lasts half a day and you can choose between a morning or an afternoon ride.

The morning one includes:

  • Round-trip transportation + train ride;

  • Ascent by cable car;

  • Gadget;

  • The touristic tour of the old Rimini-San Marino railway;

  • "Tutto San Marino Card" card which will give you the opportunity to take advantage of discounts and discounts in museums, restaurants, shops and perfumeries in the Republic of San Marino.

The afternoon excursion instead, instead of the train tour, will have the entrance to one of the 5 state museums leaving everything else unchanged.

You can request the package that includes a visit to San Marino in the months of June, July, August and September (The excursion is active from June 3 to September 13).

For June and September package and weekly stay in an apartment starting from 300 euros for 2 adults and a child (FREE up to 1m in height)

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