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Residence Marzia Wins Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award

Dear Reader,

As you may have already seen, this year too we have reached another great milestone:
"To be reconfirmed for the second consecutive year among the best hotels in the world"

In fact, we have just won the TripAdvisor "Travelers Choice 2021" award which consecrates our Residence within 10% of the most popular accommodations on the planet.
Whether you have been one of our customers or just close to being one, we would like to share this goal with anyone who has only thought of our structure as a destination for their holidays (maybe this is the right time that I convince you to come to us).

We always try with every possible means to make sure that your holidays are unforgettable for emotions, atmosphere and fun.

Moreover, as I think you know, the next we will have a second structure, the Primrose Hotel, a Residence Hotel, consisting of apartments and rooms, all to be built at the forefront of technology !!

What sburoni right?

I won't tell you anything else, at this point you just have to find out .....


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