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Green Pass: Let's Clarify

Green pass: what it is
Those who want to travel to Europe from 1 July or participate in public events, parties and weddings (even with children), must have the Green Pass.

How to get the Green Pass
The Green Certification is automatically generated by the Italian authorities and made available free of charge in four cases:

  1. have taken the first dose or the 15-day single-dose vaccine;
  2. have completed the vaccination course (if two doses are planned);
  3. have tested negative for a molecular or rapid swab within the preceding 48 hours;
  4. be healed of Covid-19 in the previous six months.

Once you have received your personal code via text message, you can download it from the government website dedicated to the Green Pass.
You can also use the Immuni app, the health record or the "Me" app.
Children under the age of two are the only ones exempted from the obligation to have the Green pass to travel to European countries. Parents obviously have to be in good standing.
While from two to five years there is no obligation to perform a swab to obtain certification, which can be requested in the same way as for adults.

How long does the Green Pass last and when is it needed
For those who have had the vaccine, it takes 15 days after receiving the first dose (in the case of vaccines with two doses) but in this case it is valid only in Italy.
While to go abroad you have to wait for the second dose. It is valid for nine months.
For those who have recovered from Covid, the Green pass is valid for six months from the date of the certificate.

When you need it
The Green Pass is required in Italy to go to the stadium, to participate in major events, in discos and concerts.
But also to go to a wedding or a party. You will also need the Green Pass to enter a red or orange region.
If the holder of the Green pass becomes ill with Covid and a structure of the Health Service notifies the national platform, the software revokes the Green pass.


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