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End of season greetings

On September 30th we close and take a break !!

Also this year we have reached the end of the season and for the first time in 4 years, in which we have always been open 365 days a year, we have also decided to close and take a break ... we will meet again at Easter 2022!

I should say "covid permitting", but better to avoid, I like to think or at least hope that next Easter is as normal as possible.

But in your opinion, "more normal" is it said? Well, honestly it is the first word that came to my mind and it is certainly the one that we have been waiting for for about 1 year and a half to come back. True?

In any case.......

It is the time for greetings and budgets. Time to look back and tell us that we made it; it was tiring and at the same time beautiful, as always.

Thinking of the previous months, of the uncertainties of this season that seemed to never want to leave, of the ups and downs that are part of this profession and that make it fascinating at the same time, I can say, indeed we can say, to be satisfied, to have, also this year, the awareness of having done a great job to make our guests' holidays special.

The credit for all this, however, is ours only in part. We could not have done anything we did without the help of our parents Silvano and Marzia (even if they worked behind the scenes), our companions Beatrice and Elisa and of course Nadia and her husband for cleaning.

Our biggest thanks go to all of them for helping to make Residence Marzia the splendid reality it is today.

Now then, you will think ..... what a beautiful holiday they will have!!

Eh no ... wrong again!!

I remind you of the new project: the Primrose Hotel.
We will dedicate heart and soul in order to finish the work on time and welcome you to the new family home for Summer 2022.

So, don't run away, stay tuned, we will constantly publish the progress of the work and some advice is always welcome.
In addition, we will also take advantage of the closed Residence, to redo the bathrooms also on the 1st and 2nd floor and maybe even something else ..... who knows

A big hug
Alex and Alberto


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