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Get to know the ROMAGNOLA Hinterland

Residence Marzia is the official partner of the Emotion Bike Tour, the first service in Emilia Romagna that organizes guided tours with pedal assisted bicycles, suitable for participants of all ages and physical conditions.

Emotion Bike and its emotional tours are the new cycling experience (minimum 6 participants with certified MTB guides): relaxing, healthy, fun. You immerse yourself with simplicity, in a new and unusual way of discovering and savoring the most beautiful treasures of Romagna: nature, art, food and culture.
Find out the details and contact us directly for information.

New for 2021: In order to allow a pleasant and guided cycling experience even in the absence of a minimum number of people, for the 2021 season it will be possible to download the Emotion Bike app for free, in order to discover the guided itineraries on your own.
The routes will be divided according to the departure, so the customer will simply have to decide the city of departure and will be directed to a choice of routes with a guided GPS tracking.

Alternatively, if you want to go for a ride without taking part in guided tours, you can rely on rental (City Bike, Mountain Bike and Bike with pedal assistance; protective helmet and padlock to close) with discounted prices for Residence Marzia customers. In addition, for the lazy, there is also the possibility of transporting bikes directly to the Residence.

Here are the tours available reserved for our guests:

E-bike Tour to discover Rimini
Sea, port, fishing village, cinema and hills. All in one city.

The ebike tour to discover Rimini is an alternative way to get to know the city while having fun in company. We will leave from the lighthouse of the Port of Rimini and take the ferry that will take us to the other side of the port. We will visit the Fellini village of San Giuliano, to discover the murals in the streets and Federico Fellini. We will cycle along the Marecchia park to the Piazza sull'Acqua in front of the Tiberius bridge.
We will visit the historic center of Rimini and all its monuments, squares and points of interest in the city: the Amphitheater, the Malatesta temple, the Vecchia Pescheria, the Domus del Chirurgo, the Museum, the Castel Sismondo, up to the Arch of August. We will continue with the cycle path along the Cervi Park to the Palacongressi and the Parco della Cava.
Finally we will return to the sea up to the Grand Hotel, with a short visit to the gardens and the fountain of the Four Horses, ending the tour in piazzale Boscovich and
reaching the splendid tip of the Port of Rimini.

32 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting not included) - duration 3 hours

Rimini E-Bike
The evening of Rimini lights up with the colors of Federico Fellini

The evening ebike tour to discover Rimini is a fun alternative to spend two hours on the go after dinner, discovering the city and having fun with friends. As the first stop of the tour we will visit the Fellini village of San Giuliano, to discover the murals in the streets and Federico Fellini. We will stop along the wonderful square on the water in front of the famous Tiberius bridge. We will then visit the Rocca, the historic buildings and the Malatesta Temple. We will then continue on this evening tour to discover the Arch of Augustus, the Roman amphitheater and the new historic center of Rimini with the renovated Galli theater and the Fulgor cinema, an icon of Fellini's art in Italy and around the world.
15 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting not included) - duration 2 hours

Wine Tour - Tasting in the Conca Valley
Sips, rides and tastings

For the Valconca e-bike & wine tour we will start from the square of the port of Riccione (viale Galli, next to the Nautical Club) and we will pedal along the cycle path until we reach Porto Verde, from where we will take the beautiful cycle path of the basin. Immersed in the wildlife oasis of the Valconca, we will stop for a tasting at a farm: we will pay a visit to discover the magic of wine and the beauty of the vineyard, a walk through the rows to learn about the company philosophy. Finally there will be the tasting of 4 wines, to savor those that are the fruits of our land.
35 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting included) - duration 4 hours

E-bike Tour in Verucchio - Departure from Rimini
Homo sapiens has always lived there. From the Villanovan to today.

The ebike tour in Verucchio is a fantastic adventure in the midst of nature that will lead you to discover one of the most beautiful villages in our Romagna hinterland. We will start from the lighthouse of the Port of Rimini and we will cover the entire cycle path up to Verucchio. For the more experienced who want to experience the adrenaline of off-roading, we will take an alternative mountain bike route through the vineyards and hills of Romagna, a unique experience of its kind.
Once in Verucchio, we will visit the Franciscan convent where we will be able to see, inside the suggestive cloister, the historic 800-year-old cypress planted by San Francesco in 1213. The tree represents an impressive historical attraction, with its 25 meters high and 7 wide. We will climb up to the fortress of Verucchio where a guide will tell us the history of the village. From the terrace of the fortress you can enjoy a wonderful view of the entire Romagna Riviera. This will be followed by a guided tour of the Villanovan archaeological museum, a pearl of unique culture and an unmissable cultural destination.
Closing in style with a tasting inside the Verucchio amphitheater, where we will be able to taste the Romagna food and wine excellences: Malatesta bread and cheese, Fossa di Perticara cheese and Mostarda Romagnola, Nostrano oil, Veruccese wine, water and fruit!
55 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting included) - duration 5 hours

Santarcangelo by E-Bike
Glimpses, history and Romagna piadina in a unique atmosphere

Santarcangelo Ebike tour is a journey to discover the cultural tradition of a beautiful medieval village characterized by enchanting streets, historic buildings and very characteristic colored houses. For the excursion we will start from the lighthouse of the Port of Rimini and we will cover the entire cycle path that runs along the Marecchia river until we reach Santarcangelo di Romagna.Once we arrive in the city, we will visit the ancient Stamperia Marchi, where we will witness the demonstration of the activity of ironing of the canvas with Mangano of the seventeenth century and of the printing phase with ancient molds carved in pear wood. We will continue the tour by visiting the Collina dei Poeti farm where we will be able to taste the real homemade piadina accompanied by cold cuts and cheeses, toasted bread with oil,
a selection of wines and traditional sweets. As a last stop we will stop at the Mutoid artistic community, famous all over the world for their sculptures made with recycled material.
50 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting included) - duration 6 hours

San Bartolo E-Bike
The breathtaking panoramic view climbing Mount San Bartolo with the Ebike

We will leave from the beautiful hamlet of Portoverde to reach Gabicce Monte, the first rocky spur after hundreds of kilometers of flat and sandy coast typical of the Adriatic.
We will stop in the splendid and shaded Vallugola Bay and then continue towards Castel Di Mezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara, the place where the table marries the sea and the earth.
Lunch based on fish and good wine. Calmly then we will return to the starting point. A challenging course of medium difficulty that requires good athletic ability.
45 km - DEMANDING ITINERARY (Lunch included) - duration 5 hours

Longiano by E-Bike
The farmer, Mr. Malatesta and the sweet Romagna oil

We will start from the square in Valverde, along a comfortable cycle path with our e-bikes through the beautiful Romagna countryside full of fruit trees. The first stop will be the ancient Bottega Stamperia Pascucci in Gambettola with its hand-printed canvases. This shop is the typical form of local craftsmanship that has been handed down for generations, since the early nineteenth century, and boasts valuable collaborations with the likes of Tonino Guerra, Dario Fo and Grazia Deledda.
Later, we continue towards the center of Longiano. Along the way the olive groves of the hills will keep us company. After a short climb we will find ourselves in the square of the Malatesta castle with its breathtaking view, where the blue of the sky embraces that of the sea. Here we will stop at the Museum of the Territory, which collects more than 6000 artifacts from the daily life of peasant civilization to the ancient crafts from the seventeenth century to today.
The last stop of our tour will be the Antico Frantoio dei Turchi, where we will visit the farm, the vineyard and find out how the oil is produced. Obviously the tour will end with a delicious tasting of bruschetta and a good glass of Sangiovese, just enough time to refresh ourselves before leaving to return to Valverde.
45 km - SIMPLE ITINERARY (Tasting included) - duration 5 hours

E-Bike Tour in San Leo
Discovering the ancient village of Valmarecchia

This tour includes a demanding route that will keep us busy all day with our e-bikes, in fact, we will arrive in the beautiful San Leo defined by Umberto Eco as "The most beautiful city in Italy.
We will cover the entire cycle path up to Verucchio and then go up again towards San Leo. Thanks to a local tour guide we will pay a visit to the imposing fortress built on a real natural spur which is inaccessible in itself. Inside you can see exhibitions of weapons, armor, the prison where the alchemist Cagliostro was imprisoned and much more. We will also visit the Pieve, the oldest religious monument in Montefeltro, then the Cathedral and the Bell Tower which, thanks to its imposing height, each time offers an exciting panoramic point of San Leo and the surrounding valleys. The refreshment stop will be at the Belvedere restaurant, a typical Romagna tavern that will delight us with its typical products of the area accompanied by a good local wine. The menu consists of: Appetizer, Second Course, Side dish, Dessert and Coffee.
In the afternoon we will calmly return to Rimini.
80 km - DIFFICULT ITINERARY (Lunch included) - duration 9 hours

E-Bike tour at Tenuta Saiano

A tour that will give us a pleasant ride along the green and suggestive Marecchia cycle path to get to "Tenuta Saiano", the beautiful and characteristic Resort immersed in the pristine beauty of Valmarecchia.
We will spend a day in contact with nature relieving stress and relaxing in complete tranquility. We will also be able to taste a selection of typical farm products such as
for example cured meats, cheeses, eggs or the wide range of wines. The route is not demanding but consists of a short uphill stretch that will be easily covered with the help of our e-bikes equipped with powerful and reliable Bosch motors.
50 km - MEDIUM ITINERARY (Tasting included) - duration 6 hours


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