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What happens if I have to cancel my reservation because it is not possible to travel due to the Covid-19 emergency?

We know that the international situation is very difficult and for this reason we want to take care of our guests with the most advantageous cancellation policies possible. If you have booked a rate with free cancellation, you can immediately cancel your reservation without penalty (depending on the season period you booked) before the stay. If, on the other hand, you have booked and already paid the deposit, don't worry: you will receive a voucher to be used to book a new holiday (eventually it will be returned to you in full) within one year from the date of issue and enjoy the week relaxing in the sea of ​​Rimini.

What are the security measures that your structures have adopted for employees and customers

Residence Marzia is committed to respecting all the indications provided by WHO (World Health Organization) regarding hygiene and safety:

  • Respect the minimum distances;
  • Disinfection and sanitization of common areas and apartments, with:
  1. Disinfectant solution (containing 96% ethyl alcohol) for objects that are frequently touched, such as door and window handles, knobs, switches etc;
  2. Bleach for floors and bathrooms.

  • Sanitation of the ventilation system:
We have implemented the sanitization of the heat exchangers with periodic checks.

The system and filters are sanitized with AIR CONTROL SANITIZER, the most effective system for disinfecting air conditioners because it eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

  • Sanitizing Courtesy Set:
Alcohol-based sanitizing gel indicated for cleaning hands.
Pleasant neutral fragrance. Packaged in a 3 ml single-dose bag.
Article for hand hygiene or for object hygiene.

Soft alcohol-based sanitizing non-woven wipe. Pleasant neutral fragrance.
Packaged in a 6.5 x 8.7 cm bag.
Article for hotel courtesy line or for catering or restaurants.
Very useful for daily hygiene or in restaurants to be offered at the beginning of the meal.

  • Sanitization of fabrics (sofas, curtains etc ...):
For the surfaces of sofas and curtains, the spray product "Cleaner Disinfectant" (effective sanitizing action) will be used, having the function of eliminating bactericide and fungicide.



  • Two Sanitization Kit P.M.C.

5 liter pressure pump plus concentrated active chlorine disinfectant with oxidizing action suitable for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
Disinfection of rooms, walls, washable surfaces and equipment.

We constantly update our procedures according to the new legal provisions to ensure maximum safety for all.

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